“Jolly Roger” America’s Cup Bingo Board

America's Cup Bingo Board - Jolly Roger (side-view) Jolly Roger America's Cup Collection 2013 - Bingo Board America's Cup Bingo Board - Jolly Roger

Sailors dreaded San Francisco’s Barbary Coast  as the art of “shanghaiing” sailors was perfected here. Dating back to the 1860s the Barbary Coast area was named after the infamous coast of North Africa where pirates attacked Mediterranean ships.

My America’s Cup collection of fun, whimsical souvenir plaques commemorate the 2013 America’s Cup race in San Francisco . The red plaque has a Jolly Roger graphic, American Flag background and a copper hook for hanging keys, dog leash, etc..

We spend too much time looking for stuff. Now they have a home – Bingo = I found it!

Material: Sustainable bamboo plywood, Non-Toxic Paints

Overall size: 6″ wide x 8″ high and ½” thick

Wall hook included with each Bingo Board purchased (shown below)

Back of America's Cup Bingo Board Wall Hook Provided with each Bingo Board

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