“The Falling Leaves Drift by My Window” – Falling Leaves Wall Art

Wall Art - Leaf "The falling leaves drift by my window" - Leaf Wall Art Wall Art - Leaf

Falling leaves symbolize change and beauty of life on earth. Colors represent harmony, joy and balance.

Brighten any room with these plaques.

Our Hand-Made Limited Edition Falling Leaves plaques are signed and numbered (1-100).

Plaques mount away from wall with hidden spacer block on back.

Material: 3 layers of sustainable Baltic Birch & Non-Toxic Paints

Overall size: 9 5/8″ square x 1 5/8” deep plaque: 3 layers. Each layer = 3/8” deep (1 1/8”) with a ½” deep hanging block on back

Comes ready to install: Block has slotted groove for hanging from supplied screw.

Wall Art - Back

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