“When You Wish Upon a Star” – Star Wall Art

"When You Wish Upon a Star" - Star Art Plaque Wall Art - Star Wall Art - Stars (side-view)

The 8 pointed star sitting on the protective sun represents balance and harmony. The colors symbolize happiness, creativity and peace.

Each 3 dimensional piece is perfectly cut on a bandsaw and hand painted in vivid colors.

Plaques mount to wall with hidden spacer block on back to look like they are floating.

Brighten any room with these plaques.

Our Hand-Made Limited Edition Star plaques are signed and numbered (1-100).

Material: Sustainable Baltic Birch, Non-Toxic Paints

Overall size: 9 5/8’ square x 1 5/8” deep plaque: 3 layers. Each layer = 3/8” deep (1 1/8”) with a ½” deep hanging block on back

Comes ready to install: Block has slotted groove for hanging from supplied screw.

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