The Maker

Aficionado of 20th Century Graphic Design

Collector:  Posters ~ Patterns ~ Patinas ~ Textures


Inspired by visions of brilliant color combinations and endless patterns

that appear while tossing and turning my kaleidoscope led me to

a very creative process.  I could update my vast collection of

wonderful vintage graphic designs.

I created a “ReMix” ~ a new patterned background, to enhance each piece.

My image library of patterns, textures and patinas gave me everything I needed.

With the magic of flipping and flopping a blended layer was created

adding the right a pop of color, a brand new look and a new world of happiness !

My Guide

Cool Creative Colorful Changing 60’s

Creative Journey of a Visual Maniac


My Kaleidoscopic ReMix

of Favorite Graphic Designs


Partner: Dimension 3 ~ Signage Contractor

Custom Fabrication and Installation for

Architects, Designers and their Clients

Dimensional Letters, Signage, Screen Printing, Exhibits